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We update the prices for you every day so you don’t have to spend your time calling many different oil companies to find the best price. Once you select your service area, you will see all suppliers serving your area and their oil prices. You can sort the listings by price from lowest to highest for each gallon amount. The prices listed are for COD oil for Long Island NY, for cash payment. On the right side you can see the credit card surcharge, which is usually between 5 to 10 cents higher than the cash price.

How to choose the best COD oil Long Island company

cod oil long islandThere are hundreds of oil companies on Long Island, from small family owned suppliers to large companies with big fleets. Not all companies provide cod deliveries. Many companies only offer contracts meaning they do not serve cod customers. While that’s more convenient for the oil company who gets to decide when to deliver your oil, it’s not always the best deal for the customer. COD prices are generally 50 to 80 cents cheaper than contract prices, meaning if you get a delivery from a full service company for 100g you’ll likely pay $50-$80 more than if you get a delivery from a cod company.

Some customers prefer full service companies because of the protection a contract offers in case something goes wrong with their heating equipment. The reality is, not all parts are covered and you still have to pay if any major repair is needed. Your annual burner tune-up which costs around $100-$150 dollars will ensure that your oil burner is working properly and will alert you in advance if there are repairs needed. And if you consider how much you are saving with cod oil deliveries, it will be cheaper to have a licensed technician service your burner and then get deliveries as you need them. This alone will save you around $500/year in heating oil costs.

Many companies also offer automatic deliveries, meaning they track your oil usage and deliver home heating oil to your house when needed, ensuring you won’t run out. The price you get with automatic delivery is usually the market price for the day of delivery. This is a great option for customers who are too busy or don’t want to track how much oil is left in their tank. The oil company will usually use a degree day system which allows them to estimate how many gallons per day you’re using and when approximately you’d need an oil delivery.

In conclusion, cod oil deliveries are a great way to save on home heating oil as many suppliers offer discount prices and you can have your oil delivered the same or next day. Paying with a credit card allows you to schedule easily, with no need to wait for the delivery truck.