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Heating oil companies on Long Island

There are over a hundred heating oil delivery companies on Long Island – ranging from small family owned companies to big companies with dozens of delivery trucks.

oil-company-Long-IslandSome customers prefer the smaller, customer-service oriented companies that are local to their area. Smaller companies usually take the time to know their customers and ensure that they are providing the best service possible.

Oil companies on Long Island offer many different heating oil buying options. We’ll look at each one of them here:

COD oil delivery – this option is the most flexible one and the cheapest; you order oil whenever you need it and your oil company will deliver usually within the next couple of days, or even the same day. COD companies offer deep discounts because they don’t have to worry about maintaining your oil burner and they don’t overcharge you for oil because they don’t have to pay for your burner repairs, should that be necessary. This is also called will-call delivery. You can choose a different supplier every time or use the same one – there are no contracts or obligations.

Fixed price contracts – with these type of contracts you are locked in to a certain price of oil, and that’s the price you’ll pay for the whole year. On one hand that may be a good option if oil prices are expected to significantly increase, but on the other hand if oil prices drop, you still have to pay the higher price specified in your contract. With this option you will have to purchase your oil from a single supplier.

Automatic deliveries – this is a convenient option for buyers who don’t want to or don’t have time to track how much oil is in their tank. The oil company will monitor your oil usage and will estimate when you need a delivery. They will deliver oil to you and ensure you don’t run out. Oil companies usually use degree days among other factors to estimate your oil usage.

The most important thing to consider when choosing an oil company is the home heating oil price but in addition, make sure they are reliable by checking for reviews online and speaking with their customer service. One thing to look out for is if an oil company advertises extremely low prices or prices considerably lower than other companies in the area – that’s usually a sign that their oil is of inferior quality and will most likely clog your oil burner, and may even cost you a service call with an HVAC technician. Look for quality #2 heating oil that has been purchased by your supplier from the terminals and not from some unknown source.